Why Ron Kirk is important

Posted in Uncategorized by afronews on March 25, 2009

Most people have no idea what a U.S. trade representative is. It is one of the most important, yet obscure positions in the federal government. In a nutchell, this office and the person who holds it (called an Ambassador) negotiates trade deals with foreign countries, enforces U.S. trade policy and serves as an advocate to world markets for American trade. If this job is done right, millions of jobs will be saved and created. If it is done haphazardly, millions of jobs will be lost and America will lose its credibility with the world financial powers. Obama did a wise thing by picking Kirk because he understands that U.S. trade can generate jobs for millions of Americans in the small business sector. Too many times in the past, this job has gone to a political hack, a big business flunkee or a business intellectual who has no idea how trade really works. With Kirk, you have a man who has cut his teeth in local politics, run one of the largest cities in the country and someone who has learned to negotiate with differing factions to reach a consensus. Kirk will need a lot of luck in his new job but he is a smart man and someone who has proven that he can get things done.


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