Barack Hussein Obama-21st century FDR?

Posted in Uncategorized by afronews on March 27, 2009

If President Obama is successful in his efforts to change the way the federal government conducts business and the culture of inner-Beltway Washington, he will be the first president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt to do so. Oh sure, Ronald Reagan attempted to change Washington to make it a more private-sector friendly environment but all he really did during his eight years in D.C. was to make it more politically polarized and bring to the public dialogue obnoxious, dull-intellected pols who slavishly followed the right wing agenda lock-step. Indeed, Washington did change under Ronald Reagan-it became a nastier place.

What President Obama is trying to do is to make the government more citizen friendly, the same thing that Roosevelt did. While it is unlikely that Obama will have the huge public work projects that Roosevelt advocated or start a life-changing program such as Social Security, he will work to see that the average middle class citizen will have access to a job, money to buy a house or an education and have access to the Internet. Obama wants to give Americans the tools they need in order to succeed. As for the Republicans, I don’t know what they want to do. They made a critical error when they gave their agenda over to George W. Bush. No party should ever let a president dictate their complete agenda!!

Only time will tell whether Obama becomes Roosevely-like. In the meantime, I suggest people contact the White House to let Obama and his team know what is on their mind. It worked for Roosevelt.

The late chairman of the board of Johnson Publishing, John Johnson, wrote in his book, “Succeeding Against the Odds” about a story regarding his mother, Gertrude Johnson. In the mid-1930s, Miss Gertrude was having trouble with a federal agency because she had just moved to Chicago from Arkansas. So, Johnson said that his mother sat a table one day and wrote a letter to President Roosevelt.

Johnson said that she did not get a response but was contacted by a federal worker and the problem was solved. The point is that if there is an issue with the federal government, write or e-mail Obama a letter and watch to see it resolved. As a matter of fact, Obama encourages the American people to do that.

It seems to me that Obama is more Rooseveltian every day. That is good for America.


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