Leadership, leadership, leadership

Posted in Uncategorized by afronews on March 30, 2009

When I was a young political pup in 1980, I supported Sen. Edward Kennedy in the primaries against President Carter. To me, at the time, President Carter seemed like a nice man but I did not think he was a good leader. As a youngster, I was impressed with the Kennedy legacy, Camelot etc. and thought that if we had another Kennedy as president, everything would be fine. Of course, Kennedy lost but gave a fine concession speech at the Democratic Convention that year. While Carter won the most delegates, Kennedy won everyone’s heart. The thing that hurt Carter was his perceived lack of leadership skills. That is why Reagan beat him so badly that November.

Many Americans thought that Ronald Reagan was going to be a stronger leader….Let me say this.

Leadership is not about who can coin the best phrase or who can speak the loudest. Leadership is not about this thing called charisma because a pro football player can have that and not do anything on or off the field of substance.

Leadership is not about barking orders to subordinates because often times that is not leadership but bullying. Bullying breeds resentment and thereafter a leader follows.

Leadership is about helping people reach their goals. As I told a friend, leadership is not about giving orders but getting things done.

Barack Obama has proven that he is a great orator but if he can move the country to higher heights, then he is a true leader.


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