Baracking Europe

Posted in Uncategorized by afronews on April 6, 2009

When Barack Obama was running for president, I liked to pick up on the song, “Party Like a Rock Star” and change it to “Party Like a Barack Star.” President Obama and first lady Michelle, sure did rock the house when they were in Europe. The queen was so moved by Mrs. Obama that she allowed the first Black first lady to touch her. EGADS!! And the photo-op of the queen and Prince Phillip with the Obamas looked like a reunion with old friends at a barbecue.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was very cordial to President Obama. And let me debunk this: Obama and Brown get along just fine. There have been press reports that the two have a chilly relationship but my sources say that is silly. Brown’s wife and Mrs. Obama have a great relationship, also.

When I looked at how the Europeans went goo goo over Mrs. Obama it reminded me of when I read a history of John F. Kennedy. When he visited Paris as president, his wife Jacqueline went along and the French press and people went nuts. So much so, Kennedy quipped that he was the “man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.”

The same could be said of Obama. Instead of a Dick Cheney-like “it-is-my-way-or-the-highway”-attitude, Obama tried to negotiate with his fellow world leaders in America’s interest and, indeed, everyone’s interest. He won points from the presidents of Russia and France for his style and willingness to accomplish things instead of bullying and scaring allies with talk of terrorism and al-qaeda.

Obama’s speech in France showed that he was willing to say what many of us have long thought. America has made mistakes and we were wrong for that. But he also issued a challenge to the Europeans to become more aggressive on world issues instead of deferring to America and blaming the U.S. when things go wrong.

In Prague, he rightly blasted North Korea for its missile program and said that the world community had a right to see that it is shut down.

This was Obama’s first stage on the world scene as president and he performed magnificently. There will be challenges ahead of course, but this was a good start. And yes, he and Michelle were Baracking Europe.


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  1. Vk Sreelesh said, on April 15, 2009 at 7:01 am

    Dear Sir
    Reading your posting is a great delight but it doesnot dispel doubts I have about Obama,s miracle. Perhaps Obama is hard working to be different but things could go the same path Mr. Bush cut. Couple of months into the office what policy diference does Mr. Obama have with MrBush ?On economic down turn he says more than he does. For the situation is too deep for quick make-over works, is said by same media that eulogized Obama during the presidential campaign. Now with foreign policy, do you think Mr.Obama is going to effect major changes like withdrawing forces from Iraq and Afganistan, Or what different approach he is to do with it?. I have been reading his book “Audacity of Hope” with great hope.But now i know that he is entraped by his high souding words. Nobody can in US can change anything overnight for policies US pursue went too deep for anybody to uproot all on a sudden. Iam sure the vested interests will dampen things. And that is the reason why nationalisation of banks and bringing more government control are usually rebutted.Perhaps I am wrong in my assessment, any way l love your article
    Yours truly
    vk sreelesh

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